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Note to Self: Candle Wax is Flammable

Did you know? Candle wax is flammable. I know this, and yet somehow I didn’t think about it when I was doing a ritual this evening. I got to the portion of the ritual when I was reading petitions and burning the parchment in either the black or white candle and then depositing it into my offering bowl to consume itself, and that’s when the wax from previously burnt candles caught fire and my entire offering bowl - thank goodness I thought to fill the whole thing with soil - went up in flames. What can I say? The old wax from previously burnt candles was out of sight, out of mind, and I didn’t think about it again until there were twelve inch flames licking at my all-wooden goat idol.

So, yeah… I pulled that offering bowl back a few inches, because nothing kills a Satanic ritual like having to run for the fire extinguisher. After the ritual, the entire bowl was a low smoldering fire - what to call it, fairy fire? - just hanging over the surface of the soil. It was all rather impressive, but my wife is going to absolutely cut my eyeballs out with spoon if I can’t get all the smoke out of the house.

Hilarious :smiley:

That is the funniest picture of a Satanic ritual I have seen in my WHOLE life.

Thank you @jamesbulls. Now I can mark that off my bucket list. Whew. :smiley:

but I’m glad your house didn’t burn down!! Please be careful :smiley:

You are hilarious James. I certainly hope you still have your eyeballs this morning ;).

It took three fans, two open doors, and an hour of me swinging a towel to move air out of the studio, but I did get the studio smelling normal again. My eye-balls are safe, lol

I keep a fire extinguisher handy.

I only use my offering bowl to burn paper, so I’m taking this as a sign that I should just keep candles out of it, lol

It seems whatever was being requested really pissed off the devil if that was the reaction.

Well, either that or candle wax is flammable and I should have thought to clean it out of my offering bowl. You know, whatever.