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Note to Sellers who Spam Other Sellers - I Will Report and Block You!

I’m normally a laid-back, patient guy, but enough is enough!

I’m fed up with the constant barrage of other sellers wanting me to send my work to them, or offering to design me a logo or do social media marketing for me…

It’s clear that a Mr. Nice-Guy approach to educating other sellers not to do that isn’t working.

So, be on notice. You spam me, I am reporting you, and I am blocking you.


I never used to get them now I get tons, it is very annoying, I understand people wanting sales and trying to get out there but cmon does it ever work lol

I just report the message and block them so I dont receive anymore spam messages from them.

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Annoying but from experience no amount of reporting and blocking will stop them. I went as far as reporting them once to CS directly and after I reported them as a precaution CS grayed out my paypal button. I felt like I was the one being punished, not the spammer.


Thankfully I haven’t received that much spam recently, but at one point I was getting quite a lot. Most of those started with “Hey I saw you on the forum please help.”

I think it’s because I was tried leaving helpful comments/realistic opinions here and there on the forum, people simply thought OK, I’m just gonna ask this person for help…
which is strange since all they had to do was read the freakin’ post I left on the forum! :persevere:

I see you leaving helpful and kind comments and posts here a lot, maybe that’s why you keep getting them…and I have the feeling it won’t stop!


very anoying… but i often reply them, in time, because it regulates the average response time.

If only they did some marketing for themselves…

Oh, wait, they can’t. They only know how to spam. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I often take the “tough love” approach – as I’m sure you’ve seen on the forums already. Certain new sellers want everything for free, or without work. They want us to fix all of their problems so that they can rake in “easy money”. That’s not how Fiverr works. So, in an effort to help them refocus their demands (and, at times – within messages as well – their begging), I choose to be the, “think for yourself, do the work, and stop complaining” kind of helpful veteran seller.

Those new sellers may not like my commonsense responses, but it IS what they need.


The sad truth is that most of those spammers won’t read this post.

I usually respond “no thanks” and block them. I figured I’ll reply something so that my response time won’t get a hit. I don’t know if blocking without a response affects it or not, but don’t care to find out either.

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I, for one, very much enjoy your tough, practical approach.


I know :frowning: I was just venting after having to report yet another one…


Those people are not sellers, they are spammers who may or may not have got a sale now and then. They should be treated appropriately and not with the respect you give someone who takes the time to find things out for themselves or how to do things the right way.

I have no problem and am quite happy to write a full page explanation/answer to a question on the forum if necessary IF the person has tried things out themselves and have not got anywhere or if I can suggest something to HELP them, not do it all for them.
If that same person were to spam my inbox with begging requests then they get reported (after I respond to preserve response rate).


That’s so unfortunate. I always receive these “help” messages and I simply ignore them.

Okay, I’ll report them but they create multiple accounts and just keep on doing it.

Thank you. …

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I feel bad for them since I know that 1. it’s the only thing they can think to do, and 2. it won’t work at all for them, and 3. I think they are really desperate.

But I still block and report them.

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Yes @zeus777 I also find when I am active on the forum (which is not often) I get loads of irritating messages from sellers wanting help or people just spamming me with their offers. Very annoying.

Because some people just don´t listen. They don´t care about annoying others.

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I like this, because to me that is very annoying and most times I might not be around to reply fast, as such my response rate will be affected