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Nothing after 2 orders , please critique my gig

when i joined Fiverr i received 3 jobs i completed 2( well 5 star reviews) and 1 cancelled because (buyer did a order with incompleted informtion and no answer) after thatmy gigs have dried up and haven’t been getting anymore .
if you have time , i would appreciate it if you could take a look at my gigs and let my know if there is anything i am doing wrong or if there is any part of mu gig that needs to be changed .
Knowing that i tried changing the price / keywords / ect… and when i check on the top ( selling— Buyer Requests—No requests found. )
i look forward to hearing your critique about my gigs and/or profil .
i am new in fiverr i need your help

I looked at your viral post gig and the first thing that caught my eye was that your URL didn’t have your focused keywords in it.

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Share your gig on social media and exchange will help you to get rank

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This is not legit, I guess. You are not supposed to exchange favorites, reviews, gigs, ratings etc. and it will be considered fake and illegal.

This is what I feel, is not the best thing to do.

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No - they like legitimate buyers to favourite gigs for future reference.

There’s no point in exchanging favourites for any other reason.

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Oho good to know that dear

Just for info: :sun_with_face:


HI thank you for your time
how do i focuse my keywords in URL sorry i don’t understand ??

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When you first create your gig, when formatting your title those are very important and will be in your URL so make sure you are using all your important keywords you want to rank for

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