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Nothing but inquiries from fake accounts

8 job inquiries, all from fake accounts asking to communicate through s k y p e for “a voice acting gig”, all shut down literally minutes to hours from me receiving a message…

personally this is beginning to feel like a colossal waste of my time, as i dont have all the money in the world to pay fiverr for promotion for my gig, nor do i have a mass social media following to peg for gig work.

when i decided to try for voice acting, i was told by multiple people that this was a great place to get your feet wet and off the ground, that fiverr would help promote new people, ive yet to see any truth to that statement, soo far all ive gotten is a month and a half of wasted time, editing, and demo recording to pull gigs for a website thats pretty much done nothing but provide discouragement and teach me its literally not skill or talent or dedication that matters these days, its how much money you can shove down a websites throat to promote yourself.

Thanks fiverr.


Don’t lose hope @redmunds4021
It’ll be better. It can take you more than 1 year to start having success on fiverr.



Spammers seem to pick on newbies more than other sellers. I guess they think new sellers will be more gullible. However, even we who have been here longer get spam.

It took me 45 days to get my first order, and I see you just signed up in June. So, maybe it will get better if you are patient. :wink:


Fiverr doesn’t have any paid promotions.
I know a lot of people think they will get easy money from fiverr but it still takes time and hard work to get your first clients.