Nothing but scammers recently.. Hard to trust Fiverr anymore


To be honest, the rules are broken by sellers here OFTEN…
We have tons of restrictions asking for work but delivering is a hassle.

What is needed is the opportunity to be 100% clear on your gig request.
too many unqualified people bid on a project they have no clue on how to even get started.
Lots of fraud here too… MAKE SURE you change all passwords when dealing with web work on fiverr. most of these hack jobs install malicious links and malware or SELL your passwords to hackers. They also leave back-doors open for hacking later.

It has taken months for me to secure my site after FIVERR scum from overseas messed up my website.

The other thing is sending ME an offer for $5 then asking what MY budget is.

I have to tell them…

You work for me… You tell me your skill-set… Show me previous work, let me contact the buyers. I’ll give you details on my project. You tell ME the price and how long it will take.
I’ll decide if you’re worth it… IF we agree, YOU send a custom offer on agreed amount… Then we go from there.

People from India don’t understand that concept.


Are you using some hosted site platform where you dont have full access to the physical files or was there another reason why you were doing development on a live site?


I hired people from fiverr to do SEO work and they put malware on the site. They asked for cpanel and administrator rights. Left my site with 70000+ spam links… Then hired people from FIVERR to clean it and they apparently sold logins and the site was hacked… FRAUD!

Wasn’t doing development on a live site. nor did I mention it… I trusted people here were honest… They’re not.


One thing you have to remember, Folks, the web is still the wild wild west when it comes to this type of work. Just as you say Sellers cannot be trusted, Buyers, too, are subject to unethical, and down right ugly behavior. There are just as many good and bad sellers as there are good and bad buyers - welcome to planet earth. The bottom line here (as in everything else in life imo) is that ultimately YOU are the one who is responsible for the decisions you make. If you think hiring an unknown, over-seas entity willing to do for $5 what normally costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to perform is a sound idea for constructing, or running a business, well … I have just received a large inheritance I would like to share with you. All I need is your bank account number.

There are millions of gigs on Fiverr being posted by millions of people from all over the world. You really think that thieves, crooks, and other undesirables aren’t furiously seeking out ways to exploit that? That’s a pretty wide net of unknowns to be entrusting passwords, and back-end access to your sensitive data to.

Anyone who says they are serious about web security who also hands over passwords to random strangers on the internet working for crumbs, probably isn’t going to survive long on the internet anyway.

I have only been working on here for a few short months, but I can tell you this much -
If you work, or buy on here long enough, eventually you are going to run into one, or more people who are trying to exploit the system. Here is a little secret you should keep in mind for the future - IT’S LIKE THAT EVERYWHERE! Please introduce me to the company, or consumer who has NEVER had a bad experience, or gotten the short end of the stick from some hustler out to make a quick buck. Live with it! Learn from it! … and don’t make the same mistake twice!

SEO is a serious business, and people pay serious money to get their websites ranked as high as possible. It doesn’t happen over night, and it sure as hell doesn’t happen for $5 I don’t care how convincing the sales copy is. Admonishing an entire workforce (or country for that matter) because you made a bad decision, or met with an unscrupulous person isn’t really a fair representation of the rest of us who work hard at our jobs, and deliver quality products here on Fiverr.


Excellent comment!


And here we see a member of rare wise human species spreading wisdom. :smiley:
Thank you.


Unfortunately you will have that with any service. Look at eBay and constant fraud on there. Fiverr can only do so much to protect its users, alas one of the reasons why they demand that all communication is through their message system so they can review things should there be a problem.

But with malware and exploits, much of that is due to people wanting their sites to do something that normally costs quite a bit more than $5 and refuse to pay. For instance, they want a slider added to their wordpress site. So they end up with a hacked version of Revolution slider installed by someone on the other side of the world because they didn’t want to spend more than $5 on something! lol!

Granted that is not always the case, but that “$5 steak & lobster dinner you just got at McDonalds” should be questioned. If the price is ridiculously low or the seller does not give you license keys, then guess what…good chance you are in for a good hacking!

I’m sure I speak for many developers on here on that subject. I must see 50+ nulled themes or plugins every week from clients wanting me to do work. I won’t work on sites that have hacked software because too many things can end up going wrong. The modules might be incomplete, damaged, have exploits, and as chance might have it…something could go wrong when I have access. I advise the client and its up to them to choose to buy the modules directly and then I do the work, or I cancel the order. Once the client realizes they were ripped off by other Fiverr sellers with nulled themes and modules, I end up with a client for life because of the trust I earned explaining things versus trying to make a fast $5.


Really Scary Situation.
I reached out to Fiverr to help turn our site into a Mobile friendly site. Asked for pricing 400-600 seemed reasonable. I was about to move forward and our site got hacked yesterday. That is just 4 days since I entered into discussions with Fiverr developers.
We have a speakers bureau and did not give any passwords etc- only the name of the business.
Our web master did a review this morning and found that the hackers are hacking manually not using a capture or other software.
It is sending mass number of training requests to us from all over the world and we only do business in US.
It has deleted some of our speakers and their information
It has also added speakers that are not part of our business.

What about a neutral rating system? Fiverr may want to have less people doing the work at at a reasonable price. ($5.00 could make someone a bit resentful)
Maybe someone technical could start a similar business with vetted and well qualified designers.
Any ideas or guidance?
I am a single mother and a teacher trying to make extra money - Would like to get affordable rates - not free. not 5.00 but affordable.
Thank you all for communicating about this matter.


I’m sorry, but anyone who is seriously thinking about setting up a website needs to at least educate themselves on the basics of web design and security. If you can’t build yourself a basic secure website, make a backup of that site or understand why you should never give anyone your Cpannel log in & password you’re asking for trouble.


Haven’t you noticed that the vast majority of people starting an online business are tech illiterate and/or idiots who think that merely putting up any old junk will make $$$? This is merely an observation that stands up very well. The reason there are so many scams out there is because it literally is like taking candy from a particularly stupid baby. Especially the ones who won’t even educate themselves on the basics.

Education and training, people! Hard work and dedication get you places. Not “luck” and sheepling around other people’s “great ideas” that make them $39k a month, easy. They’re making $39k a month feasting on the few braincells you amazingly retained!

[This rant is not directed at anyone in particular, just an additional general opinion to add to @cyaxrex’s point, but feel free to take offence, as I will laugh at you, because u mad bro and I know why…]


Your completely right about online business being created by tech illiterate idiots. I’ve lost count of the number of SEO/web marketing firms and IT businesses which I have pretty much established for people since coming to Fiverr. It’s clear to me when I do do such work that I am helping people set themselves up as resellers but to be honest, I can only see maybe about 1% of them actually succeeding.

As a side note, I find it striking just how may people in the real world can’t do anything with a computer anymore. People seem to be ditching PC’s and laptops for tablets which you can really only consume media on. It’s good news for people like us I suppose but pretty frightening how a lot of schools now use things like tablets in the classroom but never educate kids on how to do anything other than wordprocess and use use different apps. In fact, in my opinion, the world is getting incredibly stupid very quickly whilst at the same time equipping people with the idea that they are geniuses just because they know how to use a smartphone… Whole other rant, though.


Hi, there! I am from India. I understand the concept. If you are looking for a website for $20/$50 or even sometimes $80, you are not going to get anything. They will probably install nulled themes and plugins to your website. I charge $150 on an average, but you (buyers) don’t want that because “it is really expensive”.

I strictly use Genesis framework/Thesis framework for most of my projects. If the buyers insists on using a different theme as a parent theme, I request them to purchase the theme or If i already have the theme, I will install it and activated with purchase code.

I also make sure that every single plugin and theme files that I use are secure both from the front-end and the back-end. Sometimes, even a semi-colon could mess up the entire website and nobody would know because that’s how it works.

My policy is simple:
1: If you want to work with me, the price starts at $150. If you think that’s expensive, work with some illiterate who calls himself a developer but doesn’t even know what PHP stands for and what core WordPress functions and Hooks to use while developing a website.
2: If you want to see my previous work, I will be more than proud to show off. If you want to contact the buyer, you can contact them on your own because you don’t contact a buyer on seller who bought a product that you are interested in buying.

But unfortunately, you guys want cheap price tags. People who offer a website for $50 are nowhere qualified to call themselves developers.

Even though I am from India, I can pretty much ensure you that 90% Indians on this website are not even graduates. They browse the web for 4 days and become Developers, designers and what not.

Next time, while contacting someone, you should check out their portfolio on fiverr.

I never contact buyers. Buyers contact me because I know I have the knowledge and I don’t have to beg for work. I am interested in increasing the revenue through promotion and Ads. But I don’t visit the buyer’s request section of fiverr. That’s where you get people who don’t know anything about what they are doing and even buyers their are not experienced.

Come on, buddy! You want a website for $5? I will not even talk to you for more than 10 minutes for $5. It’s nothing. If you mean serious business, talk about $150/$180/$260 on fiverr. That’s where the magic happens. That’s where you get the good stuff.

Have you ever visited a super-market and got Ferrari for $5? NOPE. If you get a Ferrari for $5, God knows what’s in it. May be it is just a poorly build miniature version of the actual thing.

You want value, look at the reviews, previous projects. My underwear is worth more than $30.

Sorry If I offended someone. I am just tired of people complaining about how they were being ripped off by a seller who promised to build Twitter for $30.



Straight to the point. What makes me upset is the fact that these people who call themselves developers are making more than myself. Because, apparently I am really “Expensive”.


Yes–I read a report (somewhere, a while ago so it’ll take me ages to find the link) that a lot of today’s youth–not all!–are finding it a struggle to use a mouse (!) and prefer to use smartphones and tablets for everything. As you say, these are primarily devices for consuming rather than production.

I think hybrid tablets (think Windows Surface Pro range) is the future. Their app ecosystem is… meh…but it does offer a full OS and productivity options in a light tablet package, and there’s plenty of other companies setting their sites on the market now. So the issue as always isn’t the tools, it’s the shoddy workmen…

On the plus side, there will always be jobs for the kids and adults who are prepared to put the legwork in. So while everything constantly changes, at least a couple of things remain the same!

Any reseller, at a very minimum, should be learning all about business practices, what their chosen reselling niche is and the basics of just about every area of boring day-to-day business admin. How many do? Just because that one guy did it and made it sound super-easy (HINT: he wants your $$$, twit, of course he makes it sound easier than sliding into bed after a long day at evil work), it doesn’t mean that following his step-by-step system means you can automatically replicate it.

I mean, there was that dude I had a fight with last week who left Fiverr forever because he thought that he shouldn’t need to know a thing about graphic design (not even basic stuff like the difference between a jpg and png, for example) to find “more helpful” people who would let him be successful in his ignorance. Doesn’t work like that dude. One look at any truly successful person is all you need to know.


For $5 there will be no SEO work…I am ready to pay $50 get my website on google first page. Clients are ready to spent $1000 for SEO.
If your website got hacked what seller can do? I dont think Seller is responsible for this. Hackers always searching for websites they can hack. SSL is always a good option for serious business website.

I think more than sellers here on fiverr Buyers are scammers. If you work with reputed seller you will be always safe. But you should always willing to pay a good amount of money for the good seller or work.