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Nothing but spam messages

I know I’m a new seller and scammers apparently like to prey on this, but it is frustrating when I get notified of multiple messages a day from these folks. I keep thinking perhaps I’ve gotten my first order or interested party, only to be greeted with, “I have a business opportunity that will benefit both of us. Please click this totally-not-sketchy link to a Google Doc.” Um, no thanks?

I report them for spam and don’t click the link, but ugh.


Sorry about that. I got one too and Fiverr quickly alerted me about it.

They will be banned immediately.

And when you’re not a new seller anymore, you’ll get other sellers spamming you to buy their gig or to give them work or to teach them your “secrets”. The spam just won’t stop. Ugh, exactly.


Or, the ones who ask for “examples”, especially on my cheap gig. Like, nope!