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Nothing in the buyer requests

Why can’t I see any requests in the buyer requests? I suppose I am supposed to see open jobs over there according to my category and apply or am I doing it the wrong way?


Same problem with me


It’s a common bug or fiverr algorithm. People who are on No Level mostly see 0 to 1 or 2 requests. Once you reached to level 1, you will have 100s of requests :slight_smile:


But I have been promoted to basic

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I used a word no level, it means basic or new seller or anything which you say as there are 4 levels in total,

1- No level or New Seller (or basic as you say)
2- Level 1
3- Level 2
4- Top rated.

For more related to fiverr level you can learn that from the below mentioned link,

Whereas, I already mentioned above once you reached to level 1 you will have 100s of request, for this time you have to face difficulty as it’s a common bug or fiverr algorithm. For more related to this, some techniques or experiences I am going to open an article today at night you can read it, hope it will be helpful for you.

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Thank for your time @sarmadrizvi24, how long before I get to level 1?

Dear, there are some prerequisites for every level.

Please check the above given link as everything is clearly defined there. After checking, if anything you didn’t get, you can ask here :slight_smile:

Thank you, I have checked the link and gotten my answer.

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That’s great! Stay blessed and always welcome :slight_smile: