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Nothing showing any Buyer Request


i have made 3 gig.

**but i can’t see any buyer request **
Please chek this Screenshot.

## Please help me for get buyer request…


Below requests are all buyer request related to your gigs. and when you hover on the request then you wll see a green button “Send Offer” click it and send then your offer.


No friend…
I have 3 gig (logo, business card, flyers and poster).
But only show 2 buyers request.


Yes, its only 5 active offers for you 2 are related to you gigs, so thats why they are showng now i think as you are new maybe thats why so few requests are shown… you can check after 1 day or some other time then it wll change as impression etc wll increase


And both of them are spammers. :confused:
@graphicgun buyer requests appear randomly. Check in different times, you will see more requests.(maybe it refresh two or three times a day)


Yes and maybe you just created new gigs thats why it doesnt appear… but hopefully after a day you wll have more request… best of luck for your gigs


earn a budges
Participate here "forum"
Share your gig on Social Media and other platform


Thank you so much for idea.


Yup His right
Refresh always


Thank you so much for your help.


but yesterday show more buyers request.


some of theme are seller
a spammed
The best way is "KNOW YOUR TIME"
4 example
I’m from Philippines
So login time is 5pm - 4am
mostly my buyer are from US,Canada, Australia etc.
2% Asia…


Thank you soo much for share it.


always smile! :imp: