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Nothing works :(

So I’ve created 2 gigs, according to Fiverr’s guides and people’s advice as well, but they don’t work at all. I’ve even lowered the price that much but I still don’t get any orders or messages.
May I ask someone to examine the screenshot of one of my gigs below and give me an advice if it’s better to change something?


Hello. There are 1,752 services available in the Portraits & Caricatures category, a lot of competition. Maybe you should try making a video of how you create a portrait? It will make you stand out from the rest artists.
Also try to get your first order in buyer’s requests.

Cheer up.


Thank you a lot! Video is a great idea, I’ll definitely record it the next time I’ll start drawing a portrait!
Talking about buyer’s requests I honestly don’t think it’s really possible in my case to get an order sending offers. I’m like 24/7 online, always checking requests and it works kinda strange, I mean like I reload the page I’ve reloaded seconds ago and a lot of requests pop up, having 30 or even more offers.
Maybe you know something about it?

BRs tend to get ‘released’ in batches. Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.)

As for already having 30 offers: Buyer's Request: 39 Offers, Should you bid ❓

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Thanks a lot, it’s really helpful!

Did someone tell you that Fiverr instantly doles out work to freelancers?

That’s not how it works.

Check out other posts here to learn how the system functions including the Terms of Service.

You’ll see work…eventually.

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You have a style. you need buyers who appreciate that style. This is not likely to be $5 buyers as they only know Grand Theft Auto and Cardi G(an) videos. Expecting that all 'good" work is exactly like that.

I would say get rid of that stuff about the tools you use. Your are selling the product of your mind, not Apple iPencil or whatever. Anyone who comes to you needs to kept focused on your art alone.

Build a stronger sense of who you are and what people will get for every price tier/option.

Do you know any musicians? they are always in need of album covers (for which sadly they commonly never pay). If you do one or two of those (and maybe send the art to my Gig to make it ready to use), then you have Portfolio work based on real clients.


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Thank you for being so kind and inspiring!
The first part of your message 100% confirmed my guesses. I will immediately edit my gigs’ description and probably my whole profile too! Maybe even leave it for some time just in order to create more better quality arts, maybe learn something new and make a comeback as a confident artist who knows what’s going on.
There were a lot of questions in my head about description for the gig, and even is there any future for me here due to my shyness and insecurity. And that’s what I definitely need to get rid off in order to start presenting and selling my product. Gonna think a lot about things and apparently improve my confidence.
Drawing album covers is a great idea! I thought about illustrating the cover for my own music album someday, but since I haven’t created any music yet, it seems to me I’ve discovered a brand new kind of activity! So I’m already texting to all of my friends searching for musicians! :slight_smile:
Again, thank you a lot for an inspiration, I feel like it’s the impetus I’ve needed for!


I looked at your gigs and my first impression was that the realistic digital portrait gig looks good and professional on your page but the cute cartoon gig looks less professional - this might be my personal taste but I wonder if buyers who want the realistic professional side of your work might possibly be put off by the cute cartoon gig? So I wonder if it might be worth sticking to one gig to start with - the realistic one - and get that off the ground before trying the other? Just an idea.

I was disappointed when I clicked on the gigs looking for more pictures and I got slightly different versions of the same images. I think you could improve things by making sure people see different pics when they click on the arrows.

Hope these thoughts are useful!

Good luck with your gigs.

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Add Vedio In Your Gig Because Buyer Attract From Vedio 40% Engagement From Vedio Soo Chances is High To Click On Your Gig


Thanks a lot, it’s really helpful! :heart: :heart:

Hi there, I know it’s difficult to get traction in such a competitive marketplace. I never thought of ordering custom artwork before seeing your post here, so you’re efforts are not wasted. I’ll order your gig right now, and leave an honest review when we’re finished. I’m looking forward to seeing your custom work!