Notification Alert on Fiverr App for android version 7.0 is not working properly


I have not been receiving notification alert on my android version 7.0 using fiverr android app am i the only one with this issue. It is affecting my sales and communication with buyers and prospects.


you ever try this?


I did but sometimes the email delays


Hey! Am having this issues too @samuelenagbale how did you resolve it?

I use Android 8 version, I do receive message alert but very late, maybe after an hour and sometimes I don’t receive at all.
This is affecting my response rate and sales. Until I open the fiverr App or my email, I won’t know I already have a message. Any help on this please? Other Apps on my phone works very well but just Fiverr.


I’m on Android 8 too. Notifications work well for me, with a slight delay sometimes but just a couple minutes max. Did you try de- and re-installing the app yet?
That helped me when I had issues a while ago. Else maybe inform support, with your Android version and phone model, so they can pass it on to the tech team.


Thanks @miiila I have tried all options possible but still the same, i guess i would have to pass iy on to fiverr. I just thought i should ask here if it something i can quickly resolve.