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Notification and ToDo signs


Sometimes the orange and the blue alert colors in the Notifications and ToDo titles don’t show up when you get new or updating costumers. This is embarrassing and job-delaying. Does it happen to you either? I wonder what the reason is!


Hi @lunaali and @customrapsongs, have you guys tried refreshing your screen periodically? Or does it not work even if you do that?

I, like @abidagfx, also use Google Chrome and find that the notifications are pretty instantaneous - but only when I refresh the screen first.


Mines almost never updates, It causes me to have check all my orders periodically because i don’t know if i have updates from customers or not.


Google Chrome browse will work. Mine work like a charm.


I haven’t had the problem where they never update, but I do have to refresh my browser to see updates. I use Chrome. I usually see updates on my phone first, either through the app notifying me or by getting an email about the order/change, then I go in through Chrome to view or act on it.


I use chrome and this week have had far too many situations where I have not got a notification on the site or in some cases even an email notification, which is not good when the message on an order is a client asking you a question, or giving other information you are waiting for :confused:


I use Chrome on mobile and Firefox on PC. My notifications are more consistent on PC no matter the browser. On mobile, I rarely get updates unless I refresh Chrome or another browner 2-4 times or just go to my To-Do page directly. It’s very irritating and I have to assume it’s wrong every single time I log on.