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Notification-beep Lag

I’ve noticed a few days ago that the notification beep/bleep sound has lag, but it’s getting worse each day. On previous days, I received orders and messages and the sound only triggered minutes away.

Today, however, while on the forum, a beep occurred at 11am. I checked to see if I had received a message or order update, but nothing showed up except a new order placed an hour ago, for which no beep occurred (and the buyer had already posted a reply to which I haven’t responded promptly because I heard no order beep). Until an hour later :neutral_face:

Has anyone noticed this notification-beep lag, too?


Yes, I have experienced that many times this week, weird.

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we also having same issue its happen many time with us, :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same issue, especially at night in my time zone. Sometimes, I don’t get the notification for an hour or more after a buyer messages me. :disappointed:

It’s most likely an issue with your browser’s background tab refreshing. For example, if your computer runs out of RAM while browsing the web (anything other than your Fiverr basically), the tab won’t be active in the background anymore, which can cause it to miss the push notification from Fiverr or only activate when you’re browsing the Fiverr tab again. I assume you’re using either Chrome or Firefox? As I don’t experience the issue with Safari.

I’m referring to using the Fiverr app.

Do you receive push notifications instantly from other apps? I have Fiverr setup on 3 of my iPhones, all of them triggers the notification instantly all the time. Unfortunately I don’t have experience with Android’s side of things.

I have no issues with push notifications with any apps. Also, I do get the notification from the Fiverr app, but it’s just that at times I get it an hour after a buyer has messaged me.

Which device are you using?