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Notification Bell like the one on Youtube!

We need a Notification Bell on our browsers to get in touch immediately with our buyer’s messages!
It will do the same job as Youtube Bell Notification (i think you know all what i’m talking about)

Most of the time i have a lot of tabs opened on my browser and i cannot notice any of my buyers messages!

If this Notification cannot be done, you should at least mention that on the Fiverr’s tab on all the different browsers!

  • Notification Bell
  • Notification Tab

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Thank you!

I have the app notify me of messages and orders during the day. I keep it next to me on my desk :slight_smile:

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I know most of us doing the same thing but, sometimes you get confused, especially when 3 or 4 buyers are texting you at the same time!

Yes great Idea :slight_smile: Hopefully it will be helpful for us

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I just need a LOUD SOUND :sound:


Hire a developer create it for you.
I got created one.
That keeps bugging me when I get a message until I reply.

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Yea, how about getting this option for all members! Thank you for your suggestion!