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Notification blobs?


So how do I know when I have a fiverr notification?
The messages thing has a pink blob over it.
click on it - read all the messages.
Read as many messages as you can.

Sometimes the pink blob will go away.
cool - I’ve read all my messages :slight_smile: - relax.
Wrong! - the pink blob is back.
Quick try and find out if you have new messages.
Maybe - maybe not, Who knows? It looks like I’ve read everything, but I’m still on the blob???

What about the green blob over your Avatar?
Click it! maybe you can get up to date with system critical notifications from Fiverr?
Maybe not.
Why is it green?
what does it mean?
Who knows?
It may or may not mean nothing?



The green blob means that you are online.


Thanks! That explains that.
I’m feeling better already :slight_smile:

The pink blob is still a mystery to me - does it just mean I’m online but pink?


It’s a weird interface thing really when you think about it - the green blob,
It’s like the light in the fridge that goes off when you shut the fridge door. (so we are told)

When the green blob is not there - I will be offline and I will never get to see it.
What possible purpose could it serve from a UX viewpoint?


Sometimes the green blob is not showing green (a Fiverr bug) when you are actually online and there are many posts about that.

Anyhow, don’t want you to see “red” by talking about it here.

PS. Like your sense of humour! :slightly_smiling_face:


My pink blob never goes away. I didn’t know it meant anything. And my green blob is always there. For a while it was gone and that was when I never was shown as online. Now I’m not sure if I’m shown as online when I am, but that green blob at least makes me not think about that.


I’m putting a bit of effort into making Fiverr work for me today, so there are a lot of questions.

So basically - there’s no reason for the green blob - it just tells you you are online.

In order to see the green blob - you must be online.

Sometimes the green blob is not there due to a bug, so you must doubt your existence.

Upshot - replace the dynamic green blob code with a gif/svg that is always there?


Just had to look in a mirror and check I exist - I think I do - but perhaps this has something to do with “vampirism 2.0 - it’s not just mirrors”


That pink/red blob feels somehow menacing to me. Something must be wrong or need attention but I don’t know what. Does it ever turn green or go away?


The pink blob is always pink, never green, and sometimes it goes away, but it seems to have very little relationship with whether you are up to date on messages.

there’s probably something I don’t understand here, but I agree - it’s a constant source of confusion.


I wish they would have the various tags we can make and use on our messages in different colors like they used to have them.


Is the green blob thing like?

“I’m on fiverr but pretending I’m offline to hide from my ex” so my green blob is off?
“I’m on fiverr and ready to do some work” so my green blob is on?


The pink blob near the “messages” header section means that you have unread messages waiting for you…


Often the buyers send messages like “thank you” that I don’t answer so that means the pink blob stays on ?


thankyou @ epiphanyanimati
I really respect your reply, and your sentiment.
In normal circumstances, that is, indeed what one would expect an interface to indicate.


re @misscrystal - I am a buyer not a seller - but from my perspective - it’s quite random.
Sometimes the blob is there, sometimes not. irrespective of what I have done, or which messages I have read.


Yes until you read it or mark it as read.


Hmm. yes - amongst the ideas I am exploring in this post are the possibilities
(allegedly) that even if you have read a new message it does not register with the blobs.

The blobs persist. Or don’t persist.
Or do they?


The blobs have minds of their own. Whether they appear or not, it’s totally up to them. Once they were allowed to appear they quickly learned to reproduce and only hide themselves when they feel threatened. :red_circle:


My pink blob goes away as soon as I reply to the notification or message it is letting me know is waiting for me. :wink: