Notification but no post?


This has been bugging me for quite some time but happens only 1/10 times. I received a notification ( the top yellow one) that the order page has been updated by the buyer 1 hour ago( received no mail notification). When i checked the order page there was nothing posted by the buyer. Nevertheless i posted asking the buyer to repost anything he posted as i was not able to see it. Then just 10 mins back, when i refreshed the home page i saw another notification for the same order that the buyer has updated order 5 mins ago. But this time again there was nothing. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


This can happen if the buyer sends a message which is against fiverr T&C’s, contains real contact details or banned words etc. This is visible on their screen but not yours.

If in doubt just drop them a message.


Reply to @jeffmoses:

Sounds Logical. :? Neways i’ve asked him to send it in a text file ( whatever he’s trying to post) Thnx for clearing the doubt :smiley: