Notification by email


can I get a notification by email when someone buys from me?


yes you will get notification by email when someone buy your gig even when someone inbox you
you will get notification in email


but someone already did and I never got any email


i don,t know when i get any order i will check my email and always the send notification


I don’t even have the option…


and also I don’t get notifications to my cell…


Everything seems okey for you. Keep in mind if you are online and get message, you won’t get any email for messages. There is sometimes (very rare) delays receiving emails.

I use mobile app. So no need email notifications :slight_smile:

Please check your mobile phone settings for these. If you get email on computer, you also get them on mobile.


I also have the app but I need to check it all the time to see if someone placed an order from me…
and as you can see in the picture, the box in “my gigs” in mobile option is checked so I’m not sure what the problem is…