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Notification For Any New Order?

What if someone ordered my gig and at that point of time i am not online and hence don’t know about it. Will i be notified via email or Mobile app about that order or their is any other procedure involved in it?
Do i need to accept that order to start my time or the time will start just after the customer places that order.

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  1. The buyer purchases your gig
  2. The buyer then has to fill out any instructions that you set up in your gig (the info you need for the job)
  3. Once the buyer submits the information, the order has been placed and the timer starts
  4. At the same time, you should receive an email that you have a new order
  5. If you use the mobile app as well, you will receive a notification on your phone about a new order

However, some email providers will experience lag/delays, so there’s a chance you will receive the email later than when the order was placed (which means less time for you to do the job, ranging from a few minutes to a few hours delays)

Likewise, it’s been observed that the mobile app behaves differently on different phones, which means you might experience lag/delay in receiving the notification.

Either way, you will receive an email and optionally a phone notification, but the timing might not be precise.


Now, I got it.
Thanks Man :slight_smile:

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