Notification Icon Error


See the bubble speech icon beside our “To Do” list?

Is it just me or yours all keep blinking even after you check and read all the notification?

First I thought it isn’t much of problem, but later on, I tend to ignore any notification on this icon and only check my To Do list, which is a mistake! This way I couldn’t see if buyers are updating their brief or anything.

Anybody gets the same thing as me?


mine has been blinking for months, but i am having my gmail notifier installed on my chrome browser and my phone is always notifying me first of my new mails, so either way I get mail and check my fiverr (thought i have never closed it lol)


Reply to @crslaytor:

Ok at least i’m not alone, I thought Fiverr will fix this before we know it, but yeah, it’s been months now lol


Reply to @kjblynx: nope, thats not helping either :slight_smile:


You must have notifications that haven’t’t been ‘read’. Just keep clicking ‘load more’ until you reach the bottom. Make sure you hover over everything, and keep it open for a little bit - as it takes around 5 seconds to register that you have actually ‘read’ it.


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Wow, you’re right! Strange way though.



Reply to @celinedesigns: Great tip, I will wait the 5 seconds when it next happens