Notification Issue on Fiverr App in Android


From last 2-3 days I am facing notification issue on fiverr app.

I am using Android smart phone, Fiverr app is up to date and notification setting are checked in the settings but don’t know what is the reason, just wanted to check if anyone else also facing similar kind of issue.


No…i am not having any such issue…just check the app settings and mobile settings…try to reinstall the app and still if nothing works then must contact CS…


We face this issue on few Android devices which have non-stock OS like, MIUI. On these devices, background apps(few apps) are killed automatically.

Personally, I have faced the issue on my “MI” device.


Open your app, let it get fully launched, open the recent apps menu. - Swipe down the app icon or recent app screen to reveal a lock icon on the top left corner. - Tap on it, this locks the app into the memory & it won’t get force killed in the background.


Both are perfect… Let me try with re installation.



Thanks for pointing out the problem with mi devices.

I have tried all of the steps that you’ve mentioned and now I am able to get notifications from all other apps which were not pushing notifications earlier EXCEPT FIVERR.
I have Mi 5x (Chinese version of Mi A1).
Does that mean that I’d never be able to receive notifications on this phone?



Hey, I think it’s best if you believe from your end you’ve tried every solution you can and yet you still didn’t receive notifications that you report this to Fiverr Customer Support so they can be aware of the issue and also I believe they can assist you better.