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Notification received: ACTION REQUIRED ON MY GIGS?

My gigs were moved to a new sub category called Spell Casting.
I got notifications for them to do… something… but I don’t know what. I’ve had these gigs for eight years now and they have been popular but it seems like I’m supposed to
do something or change something which is not specified since they are
now in a new category. This does not make sense. The gigs don’t need changing.

fiverr action required

So I simply agreed they should be in the spellcasting category and clicked on done, I’m not sure if I completed the action I was supposed to complete or not. After I clicked done, nothing on the page changed, as if it was not recognized that I was finished with it.

I doubt if CS has any knowledge about this. Anyone familiar with this?

I have no clue why I need to change anything on my gigs, or why they think I need to “complete my gig information”.


This happened to me when they moved my rap news article gig. I believe I needed to select a sub-category.


You need to select your subcategory, it’s happened to my instant pot recipes gig.


Sometimes they add one or two requirements to the gig - it’s happened to me. You’ll need to look inside your gig (edit it) to see whether some new sections have been added that you need to fill out.