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Notification timer and inbox timer not matching!?

Hi. I seem to have a strange problem with my messages. I got a message from a customer and I was late to respond to the message. I sent him back a message around an hour ago (Which was 4 hours after his first message). The strange part is that although the conversations section shows my last message was about an hour ago, My notifications tab tells me that it was 15 mins ago. And since I can see the guy is online, I’m a bit worried that something is blocking out the messages or something. Also if it helps, I was not able to read his first message. Only half of it was visible on the notification tab, While the conversation tab was empty. (The name was in the unread messages but there was no actual message in there)

Timers not matching is what I experience right now as well, but in my case it’s because my country shifted time one hour back (the winter time thing) - maybe that’s what’s happening in your case as well?

If you refresh the page and you still see your message, then the other user sees them, too. Also, you would know if that user’s messages are not showing up because you’d still receive notifications of messages (there was a bug where I kept getting notified of new messages from a user, but I was seeing no new messages, because they were blocked by Fiverr’s spam filtering system)


Now I have 1 extra hour on 24 hour orders :grinning: