Notifications: Anyone else having trouble?


I’m having a major issue that involves notifications from both the site and the mobile app. There have been a few times where I haven’t received anything about a new message and gotten to it late—causing my response rate to drop, of course. I’ve unloaded the app and then reloaded it. I have turned on every notification in the settings area. And I have contacted help a few times. Nothing is working. That being said, why did the website interface change in a way that eliminated the notification numbers at the top that told you what’s new as soon as you logged in? Until now, I’ve had an excellent success rate on FIVERR, but lately these issues are affecting my sales.


I can relate to this.

I’ve been having the same issue for a while, and it has caused me to lose a few jobs, because most times buyers who are looking to order your gig won’t stay around waiting for you to reply to their message, when there are a ton of sellers out there.

Really I’m unable to figure out what the problem is. I’m thinking maybe it’s due to a glitch in my internet service and not from Fiverr, but at this point I can’t be sure.

So good luck to you, and I hope this problem gets solved, regardless of the cause/source!


Thank you for responding. I’m getting really frustrated because I feel like I’ve tried everything Have you contacted Customer Service with any success? Good luck to you, as well.


I’ve had this happen to me as well however it usually reverts back to normal several minutes/hours later.


I’ve had some mess-ups with the notifications. Messages didn’t show up until a day or two later on a few occasions. More than anything, however, I’ve had customers who haven’t been seeing that I’ve left updates or messages, so I think there is some ongoing issues with the Fiverr messaging/notification system.

They’ve been doing a lot of overhauls and testing recently so I’d suggest that the issues are a result of that.


Yes! Exactly the same stuff is happening to me. Have you tried contacting customer service? The only thing they can seem to tell me is that my response rate dropped because of a message I didn’t respond to…one that I never received!


I was having the same issue last night/this morning :rolling_eyes:, but it seems to be working properly now.


I faced this few times. After that what I did is. downloaded apps to My

  1. I-phone ( Turned on all notification and stayed login with 4G net connection after that I didn’t get any late massage or notification.Getting instant notification.)
  2. MI-Phone ( Turned on all notification and stayed login with 4G net connection)
    But MI phone is not giving me instant notification sometimes. Even sometimes one day later.
  3. I upgraded my net 10 MB speed in my computer may be therefore I am getting massage or notification on time.


I had this issue a few times but what i would suggest is that you also allow notifications to be sent to your registered Fiverr email as well, because i had a few times when i didn’t get a Notification from the Fiverr App but i saw it from my email notification so they both work hand in hand. :slight_smile:


Yes. You are correct. I also have done same and it works very well. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I didn’t know I had a FIVERR email!


I have not bothered to do so; I know they likely won’t be able to do much about it.


My notifications seem to work just fine. The times where I’ve had late notification issues have mostly been down to poor network. Also, when I’m using my BB10, there are no instant notifications - Fiverr app is not designed for BB at all. This is where the email suggestion comes in handy, but this is usually quite late - anywhere from 2 to sometimes 15 minutes.


I had something like this happen a couple weeks ago (no/late notification). It’s been fixed for me since I updated the app :slight_smile:


You don’t have fiverr email, fiverr also sends you notifications by email, and I think getting notifications late from the app is due to your internet speed or your 3G goes offline when is not in use, I always had notifications right away when I am in France and now that I am traveling, I got them very late, that is why my response rate dropped, but now I check my email all the time.


Few months ago I had problems when I used other mobile device, if the phone switched off due flat battery I wasn’t able to get any notification.

Now I don’t have that problem, haven’t noticed…