Notifications appear randomly/Selective email notifications



I have been just experiencing this problem for the last few days. I was sending and receiving messages from this buyer and then I wrote the last message and later, I got a notification saying he sent me another message. I never got that message. Then later on I have noticed that he did send me a second message, but it was before I sent mine (and the notification for it came a while after I sent my message).

This morning, I received a message from someone else and once I was on, I noticed another notification, of another message from yesterday’s buyer. I did not get an email for getting that. Also, once I opened the notification, there was nothing in there. My reply from last night was the last thing on that page.

Has anyone experienced this kind of problem? Is there anything I can do about it? I’m a bit worried that I could miss important messages because of this…

Thank you!

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Thank you! I will let my future buyers know about this problem so that they know that if I don’t reply in a few hours to resend their message.


Last few days i’ve also been getting some extra notifications by email that i’ve had an updated message to my order, but nothing is there :-/


Reply to @brunettegrenade: It must be a bug. I think that telling the buyer that you got a notification but nothing appeared and that if they did send something to resend it is all we can do for now.