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Notifications are too late


After the update of fiverr, the push notifications and real time prompts are too late. It’s getting late 3-4 minutes. Anyone facing to the same issue ? It was very fine before :slight_smile:


I notice I get notifications about 30 seconds earlier on my phone app than I do on my computer. However, the gap is not 3 to 4 minutes. Maybe it is a :bug: that will be corrected soon. :thinking:


As for me, I’ve been having problems with since late last year (can’t exactly recall if since Dec :thinking:)

The red/pink dot doesn’t show on time to tell me of any incoming message or order. The same happens with the bell, it rings randomly and most of the time it doesn’t :confounded:

It’s so stressful to always have to keep an eye, specially when I’m in other important things that require my whole attention.:angry:


I face this right now as my side it’s getting late 1 hour :persevere::persevere:


Could it have something to do with your internet connection?


@vickiespencer, my comment is on review… :pensive: I wrote a wrong and forbidden word :roll_eyes:


When you commented on this post? I got quite a few of those when I was new. There are certain categories you cannot say certain things in. For example unless they are posting in “Improve My Gig” I was told that I could not comment on what the poster needed to improve in their gig to help them get more sales.


When you asked about maybe being the internet connection. I answered I didn’t think that could be the cause because whm using WA (hope you understand) on the computer, the bell rings and pretty loud I would say.


I had to look up whm and WA. I think I know what you meant.


I looked up WA and it took me to Walgreen’s drugstore.



Oh sorry !!! whm is just a typo :rofl: :relaxed: The other one is what got my comment to review - I think :thinking:


Well whm is for web host manager. :wink:


Washington State? I know what you mean I think, I’ve never used that.


I don’t think so. When using whatsapp on the computer, bell rings and may I say, quite loud :rofl:


When I looked WA up, found it was the initials for a messaging app.


My computer likes to try to guess what I’m about to type.


Finally comment went public :smiley:

This keeping look upon the words you write is… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: