Notifications aren't showing on mobile


I apologize in advance if I’m posting to the wrong place. It seems I’m getting messages from buyers and it’s not showing on my mobile. It seems to come much later but I’ll ck my email and see I have a message yet I view via my cell and nothing is there. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


Hello @solwonder,

Yep! I think this is bug because I’m already faced this problem most of the time and my friend also. I hope fiverr solve this problem soon :slight_smile: Try to ON your gmail notifications so if fiverr mobile app not getting notification you will be notified through gmail notification.

Best Regards


Thank you! I do try to keep checking my gmail regularly.
I would hate for my response time to be impacted😬. Hope it’s resolved soon for all of us!


This is an issue I’ve been facing for a long time with the Fiverr app. If you’re having an Android smartphone, you can try set Fiverr to have priority notifications from your phone’s settings. It might help.

Sometimes I get notifications, other times not at all. I even got used to it by now. :joy: