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Notifications by email?


Is there a way to get notifications by email when I recieve a message or other stuff?


Yes, for both Fivrerr main site and forum.

For the main site, click your icon on the main site, it´s in Settings, right under your username).

For forum, it´s in Preferences (when you click your icon, top right).


Thats odd because I have all the boxes marked at the main site but I didnt get a notification when someone messaged me?


Hm, yes, odd. I remember one of my clients had that problem a while ago.
She only saw I had delivered her file when she logged in, she had gotten neither Fiverr´s delivery message nor my inbox message, that went on for a while.
Some time later, she said she had found that it had something to do with… I think it was either a new phone or a phone update or something like that, don´t remember exactly, but I´m pretty sure she said she did something in the phone settings (I mean phone, not app…unless she meant app but said phone lol), preferences, whatever, and from then on she got the notifications again.
Maybe you can try/check that, else I fear I have no idea.

Perhaps Customer Support can help you.