Notifications-drawer stuck. Reporting of new notifications - all read


I joined Fiverr a week ago and just started selling stuff.

I noticed a few hours ago, that my notification-drawer is bugging out,

I’ve refreshed the page several time, but it still shows that the latest notification is 1h ago (actually 3h ago).

Also it’s showing me the orange ball, like I would have new notifications, but I don’t. Everything is read at least twice. All of them are “blacked out” as I’ve looked them.

Help? This is annoying!


The orange ball is always there, or at least mine is, no matter what. The notifications/messaging and email systems here all have much to be desired. I intentionally set my deadlines to be ridiculously long and make it a point to sign in to the site itself at least twice a day, to compensate for the unreliable systems.

You can search the forum to see other threads about it; you can also contact Customer Support and ask them, but generally, you’ll save yourself some time and headaches by allowing lots of cushioning and keeping track of your communications off-site as well. It’s a great place as long as you work around it’s quirks.

Welcome to Fiverr and good luck! :slight_smile: