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Notifications- how do we clear/delete them?

Hello, How do we clear/delete our notifications. Once they are read we should be able to delete them?
When I go to dashboard and view the notifications there is no cross button/option there./ no option at all to clear/delete/ move/ nothing!

I think they only delete when you take the required action.

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Go on to your dashboard and the particular notification you want to delete, move your cursor to the right within the lines of notification, You’ll find a cross button/option there.

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Thank you ! was wondering the same.

Its not working for me I dont see any buttons at all!

Thats because the reply to the question was a reply where the poster didn’t actually read the question. The question was how do we clear/delete notifications, not messages. There are two panels in the messages window, one for notifications, one for inbox. In your inbox, you can very easily delete messages. In your notifications, there is no clear way to delete the notifications in there, only mark them as read. I still have not seen a specific answer that addresses this question correctly.


I don’t think anyone from 2 years back will read this, this thread was long ago…

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