Notifications on mobile about inbox messages that doesn't belong to me


Hello fiverrrs,

Today I received inbox notifications about messages from other sellers and it seems that while they try to reply to their buyers I personally can read the first two lines from there messages.

Like I am able to read other people inbox.

Anyone else with the same problem?
Also be carefull and don’t share sensative data while these problem is active.

Have a nice day!


I have the same problem and in my opinion this is a really serious bug.
I got messages visible on my mobile, but when I check in my inbox there are not there. See attachment:


Yes this is a very serious problem as people can share sensitive data and it can be read by others.


I have the same problem too.I hope will be fixed soon…


Same here! And I haven’t received any messages from new customers today, which is unusual. Maybe my messages are being sent to other people?


I also received some messages twices.


Yes same problem here also. i am not getting order from new client with last some days. now i get notification but when open inbox on compute i can’t see message. but i noted client name was “syedarifiqbl” . hope fiverr will solve this soon,
its too bad for me because i’m not getting order with last some days


recently i face the same issue i think fiverr fixed the issue