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Notifications on order

There is really annoying bug now. I don’t get any notification that buyer replied on order page.

I need to check every order to see if I got reply or not. And it is happening on any order, not just one.

There isn’t any notification or email that I am getting replies on order page.

Please fix it


This happens to me rarely with some orders.

Though I do check the order pages if I don’t hear from the buyers after a certain time.


You dont have to go on every order page, I have same problem as you but there is simple way to check for responses

-Go to on inbox page and on left side click on “orders” there you can see highlighted all orders where you got new response from buyer but you did not saw it :slight_smile:

Reply to @webchief:

Thanks I totally forgot about that.

But again, they should fix this bug.

Reply to @arty182925:

Yes they should fix it :slight_smile: