Notifications when buyers send a message after delivery?


I’m a buyer and something that has happened to me a few times is that I get the delivery, I send a message with questions (on the same page where I can see the “accept delivery” button), and then nothing [i.e. no response from the seller]. Even if they explicitly offered to answer questions about the work.

So I’m wondering if they don’t even realize that I asked? Do I have to send a message outside the order?

They could be busy, but I only have a few days to accept or request a revision… The questions aren’t major enough to “request a revision” so I end up accepting the delivery, though slightly dissatisfied/concerned…

Thanks if you can confirm/deny that there are notifications for this event.


Hi, If order is completed then you can contact by sending message to seller’s inbox.


Inside or outside the order the seller has a notificaton on his page.
If he has a lot of orders & message it’s possible they don’t realize it

if you send a message outside the order, they will receive an email notification too


Sometimes they don’t see the message, either because they’re very busy (and, possibly, receiving tons of notifications), or because the site gets buggy, and they don’t receive it.

Try sending another message, either on the order page, or in their inbox.


So after a day, I sent a message via inbox, and my current seller apologized and said she would respond immediately to the earlier attempts to write her. After some interaction I went ahead and asked her (very gently, citing other experiences) whether she had received any notification from my earlier messages on the order conversation, and she said no, that I should write her via inbox.

So that’s really good to know (my feelings are less bruised now over some prior transactions) but also kind of bad, I think, that it seemingly works that way…


It’s good that you got it resolved; just remember that even the messages sent to inbox don’t always show.

What’s worse, the message you send can show perfectly fine on your end, while the seller receives nothing, so, if the seller isn’t responding, try messaging them again.

It’s not supposed to work that way. Messages are supposed to show, unless you send something indicating fraud (like suggesting to take business outside of Fiverr, or phishing attempt, or something like that). It’s a bug that sometimes causes a lot of trouble.