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I am interested to know best way to get notifications from fiverr, so i can respond fast on my inbox or order?


I just put in an email address that does not have a spam filter. Make sure to remove Fiverr from all your spam filters.


I really like your question and in essence, you are saying "fiverr, it is high time you make things easier for we sellers by integrating sms notification system onto this platform"

Hi Fiverr Admin, please do add this asap.

This is the rigth dimension now to Step-up Fiverr to make life easier for everyone.


I don’t trust any email system anymore so i make sure I check Fiverr several times a day to makes sure I am on top of my family tree gig and making it work for me. Just like any business you would run you would not depend on a third party source to advise of the happenings within the business you would be there running the show.


Thank you to all for help.