Notifying all sellers that offered on a request


Hi, does anyone have an idea on how to notify multiple sellers? For instance, I got 20 offers on a request, selected one and want to thank the other 19 for having sent an offer…


There’s currently NO such options available.

Although your courtesy is appreciated, it is unnecessary as the other sellers would know you decided to NOT go with them, due to lack of response.


I see, thank you, Now, would putting the Request on hold still allow them to continue contacting me or would that not be possible?


Indeed, the thought is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Here are the following Gig Request statuses:

Active: This means your Gig request is available and can be viewed by sellers as an active request.

> Paused: This means your Gig requests is not active and not available to sellers. For example, if you have enough offers on your request, you can pause your request.

Pending: Once you submit a request, the status is pending until it’s approved by Fiverr.

Unapproved: If your request doesn’t meet the proper criteria from our content team, it will be labeled Unapproved.