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November 2017 | The slowest sales month in my entire history as a seller


Oh Dear!! November 2017 has been so far the most dead month in sales, at least for Video Promotion and Graphics design category. I understand the last 2 months of the year can be dry but being a seller since 2014, I have never experienced such a sudden, massive drop in sales. From 10, 15 sales a day all day way to a couple of sales a week, like I said I do have a good understanding on how the holiday months go in terms of sales but November 2017 has almost made me believe that there has been some sort of issue with the algorithm. I hope the sales get back to normal :wink:

Would love to get some suggestions and opinions on this…

All the best folks!!


Good Morning:-) And girlllll, I am totally with you!

I’ve been with Fiverr now 9-months. Once I developed a rhythm my pipeline averaged about 10-15 sales a day… 20+ best days. Consistent growth, even after
sign-off/vacation mode for days and week(s) at a time. ALL of November has been scary dead for me. A few orders every 2-days or so, then I clear the pipeline and nothing. Maybe not the best timing for me, but since things were so slow I decided I’d venture into adjusting my rates upward, within reason. Still no change.
I tend to think there is some techy glitch or something of the nature.

Practicing patience, yet still moving my feet:slight_smile:
Thinking of you, hang tight:slight_smile:

-Angelina Will


Hi friends, please tell me what is the key method to follow that will be a sellout? Thank you


Yep, polishing existing gigs would be a great idea for now but I really do hope sales pick up again asap. As for now its still the same, a couple of inquiries rolling in nothing else…


I can relate to this. This is exactly what’s happening with my account here. And I dunno why. This is the only time I’ve experienced no new buyers buying my gig. I only have orders from previous clients. It is really weird. I am now considering other platforms.


It sucks, especially if your working full time on fiverr. Lets see what December has to offer. Good Luck!




Are you nominated as Top Seller as well? I think those who are candidates for top seller (who are to be evaluated January next year) are challenged to help Fiverr gain more buyers or clients through our own effort. I think for now, they are giving others a chance so they can qualify to another level as well for next year’s system. That is just my idea.


You know this thought actually came in my mind as well. I do hope that is the case. Reaching top seller would be a good start for 2018 :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you know the benefits of being a Top Seller compared to Level II and Level I?


I’ve actually experienced the opposite. I was very reluctant to turn on vacation mode this month as November has been my best month yet.

Sorry to hear about your drop in sales though. I hope it picks up soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


My question for you would be what have you done about your gigs recently?
The market is constantly changing so if you haven’t made any changes then that might be the problem. Your competition won’t stand still, they will evolve and take over your clients at some point.
Now, if you have made changes to your gigs, then maybe it wasn’t a good change and you need to tweak it. Try to pinpoint what you did, when and how it affected your sales.

I’ve had the opposite experience, which means someone else in my category might be losing sales. If your sales are dropping then probably there’s someone else picking up those buyers. Sales are seasonal for some categories, but even then with the right marketing you should be able to avoid bigger drops.


This has actually been my best months in sales. I must have gotten almost 50 orders in November alone.


@lucycodex and @balacafa, I can see that you two are new sellers. I think that Fiverr now is prioritizing those sellers who have not reached the milestones set for example, for the Top Seller position. However, to the detriment of the long time sellers here. They are giving more sales algorithm to emerging ones. I think also, for my part, I have such low completion rate a month before, 95% that is why my sales went down. It’s really hard to get back after a drop in completion rate score so always complete orders as much as possible. I am hoping my usual number of sales comes back asap.


Same. My sales slowed as soon as I reached level 2 back in MAY. The past couple of months have been basically dead on Fiverr for me. I’ve all but given up.


I don’t think that’s the reason why your sales are down. Fiverr has been making changes, adjusting the search results, weeding out sellers, mixing things up… YOUR seller level probably has nothing to do with your slowing sales.


I’m sure you’re right. I just noticed the drop once i hit level 2.


what do you mean by "weeding out sellers’’? please expound @jonbaas. thank you


Fiverr appears to be engaging in a major project of banning accounts and removing gigs that break their site rules. If you read the forum, you’ll see a lot of users commenting and complaining about these actions. The complaints appear to be rising, so we can only assume that Fiverr is tightening the ropes, and cleaning house.


Oh I see. Thank you for the info.