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November, slow month for sale at graphic design?


Hi, anyone got slow sales or call “dry spell” at this month?

I’ve seen “dry spell” on August, 1/2 Octorber and now November, this month got few sales. Just want to ask you guys have the same problem?


Not only in Graphics its same everywhere !


Really? you the same?


Yes, sales were pretty slow for me too this month in graphic design. But this happens from time to time so don’t worry, it will soon get back to normal.


yes, i notice that sometimes got bulk of sales in 1 week then dry spell for 1 week and so on.

But this month really show, got few sales from 1/11 till now


Yes i don’t know why i am also not getting a single order from last 30 days.


Oh no! Hope your gigs pick up soon!


you the same?


As we not top rate seller, we still have “dry spell” hapeen all the times


same problem here :frowning: no sales from over a week ! i thought its happening just with me :frowning:


Its the same case with me. But I think main reason for this is the competition between sellers which is increasing day by day. Some new sellers are providing services at cheapest rate because they want their first sales. So, buyers think why to spend more money if they can get this job done within few bucks. Buyers don’t care if new sellers provide poor services to them because they always have an option to cancel the order.


I do not even get message from any buyer, earlier when I get message I convience them anyhow but if no message no sales no income. Competition is increasing day by day, cheapest services are available without any quality service. So dissapointing.


new sellers have started selling 2-3 logos for 5$ !!! its too much cheap ! and most of them wont be providing good service !! so they are eating out our income as well as giving the clients bad experience over website and buyers are leaving eventually !!!


It’s been really slow for me, too, and I’m not a graphic designer.


Same Here.


It happens. October was worst month.


I though it happen to all of us


I provide high quality work so that i give price equal to my work. I’ve seem some of my customer use cheap service for 5$ and give me to redesign it. It very poor quality and unprofessional.

If they pay cheap, they got cheap design and waste their time for nothing.


Harry, try to make good cover gig picture, polish it


Logo gig is very competitive, bussiness card and cover book either.

Don’t worry, buyer they have large range of needs, some need cheap design for their need and some willing to pay high to get what they need. I rejected all order 5$ with the work equal to 30 40$.

Just do your best work, the reward will come after it.

Just this month is slow i though by xmas