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November, slow month for sale at graphic design?


I am facing same problem here, i don’t know what’s going on. . .


Thanks i wasn’t aware of that before but from now on i’ll be cautious about time! Cause i was really enjoying working here in fiverr :slight_smile: Thanks @fonthaunt for the info :slight_smile:


its #christmas the people are usually busy in their lives as well :slight_smile:


Hi, i think i’m back to normal, today i got pretty much inbox but no order :))


It’s normal to see a drop in sales, at the end it’s business. let’s seek ways to improve our gigs and make them more appealing or perhaps think about adding more.


i think this is the reason why my gig is dry for the past 2 months now, and also it is holiday season, hopefully next year will be a great year for all of us :slight_smile:


still slow :frowning:


Yup. I’ve had a total of five gigs over Nov and Dec…TOTAL. Where I was doing five to ten a week before that. Very frustrating.


Well, we did some research on it, and preparing some stuff, might be useful for all sellers - we will publish it on forum soon:-)

And yea, we are also facing the same BIG DROP for a month now


Not only that we don’t get sales, but the new sellers are offering such low quality gigs at such a low price… Today a client asked me to copy-type 150 PDF pages for $5! Why? Because there are the new sellers with killing offers, but no reviews, so he would rather convince me, with very few feedback but positive one, to work for at same price as they got offers. I am so disappointed, because each client I’ve worked with, not only here, but also on another freelancing website was so happy with the results of my work! But now, after my first few sells, either I get none at all, or clients asking me to work 7 day/week for $5.


customers expectation are getting lower day by day because many seller are offering things really very cheap. many sellers are doing work of 50 $ in 5 $.


Same here!!! I was getting 3-4 orders a day, NOW ZERO. Been like this for over a week now… I’m freaking out because I depend on this income. I messaged support multiple times but they keep telling me to make sure my keywords are correct and my title but when I search for the words, totally unrelated gigs appear…


I just joined and I have no sales. I can’t figure out if the problem is this slow month or my gigs… I’m also unable to find my gigs with keywords.


That seems to be an issue as well. My gigs were listed in “comedy” for a long time but for some reason don’t come up in “comedy” any more. I’ve contacted support and they just keep saying that it works.

The “High Rating” search feature is also a bit bust as people with fewer reviews or a lesser star rating seem to be higher on the list than me.

Fiverr can be strange.


Well dang…if my man DTong had a slump. Love your work, man. I’m sure we’ll all bounce back.


why slow sell November?


Wow, November 2017 has been the slowest month for me since 2015. I have never ever experienced such a big drop in sales. Who else is facing the same situation from video promotion category ?


I’m also working from 2015, last 2 year month of November was good for me, but this November 2017 is going very slow, I don’t know what is the reason.


You guys should check my new topic about low sales in December!!


Stay with graphic design motion graphics is already very crowded :person_fencing:
Ha Ha Ha
Nice move indeed.