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November was my best month ever..earned 750$


I was surprise that november could make a difference…earned 750$ though i completed less than 10 orders but I was lucky to be given big offers… I am never worried about the amount of orders I made or completed… I have alway pray for small work and big offers… october was so tough that i couldn’t
even earn up to 15$… Here we come December, I’m on my grind…hope December make a difference as well


Congratulations! I’m quite happy for you. This is ups and downs so you never know what may happen.


Congratulations ! This is awesome earning. Best of luck in December…


Congratulations! keep it up.
btw November was my worst month in overall fiverr career


My worst month since early 2014. I made a whole $12 from a single long term buyer.
Only 600 impressions. ouch. I used to get 30-40k impressions.

I understand the need to rotate us and all, but ouch that hurt.

Congrats to mrsghostwriter though.


First of all, I would like to congrats you for November earning. But you should focus on large targets as your competitor making more money than you. They can easily make more than $1000 per month easily. So polish your skills , become expert in your field and then enjoy the money :slight_smile:


cingratulation bro for earing


congratulations for your November earnings. I’m so happy for you.


Congratulation :slight_smile:


Congratulations to you


mrsghostwriter congratulations :+1::v:


Happy for you congratulations


Same here! My gig had 3-4k impression but this month is only 200 to 300 only!


Congrat! I have started 2 days ago and created my first gig! I hope good things happen to me too!