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Now a days I am feeling that my sales volume is going down

Hello beautiful peoples! Is there any specific month or time where fiverr seller gets low volume of sales? Now a days I am feeling that my sales volume is going down. Please pray for me!


I review your profile & Found that you providing only 5 gig service. Where you can provide max 7 gig service. why you are not creating the another 2 gigs with another services…?? its may can help you for best selling…

Hope you understand… :slight_smile:

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Just Increase your Gigs upto 7 and improve your image resolution and grab the order

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May be due to pandemic, you are getting low sales if you were getting large amount of orders before.

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Best advice mate. I will think about it deeply

Yah. Good advice. Many sellers says less gig is good, but now I came to know that we should experiment with new gigs

Yah. Thank you. This virus simply broke our knees!!!
But we are trying our level best to get rid of it

who is talking about like that… he totally dont know the Fiverr Algorithm…