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Now a days i don't get sales

What can I do :expressionless: please help

Because this question is asked numerous times each day, a post has been made to address your issue.


@vickiespencer my gig is ranked on fiverr search

Did you read the post I cited? It says:
Are you in a category with thousands of gigs just like yours or do you stand out from the crowd?
There are 41,297 WordPress gigs on Fiverr. Ask your self the question above. :wink: I think the answer is the answer to your question. :thinking:


Just like there are 100,000 writing gigs. I’m going to revamp my gigs, but it will have to be after I come back from vacation. Unfortunately, if there were an answer to how we could make money on this site, we’d all be rich!


Cy also has some helpful advice.