Now a little poem


I quit my old job
Oh, god!, that felt amazing
But now I’m kinda broke
Which comes with some good free time
I finally got some me time
I’ll do things on my hope.

So I searched high and low
For whatever would give me highs
Friends, help me, I asked
They told me, go to the beach
Go to America, land of the free
Go sing in bars, go to Quebec

They told me many ideas
From accounting to Korea
I got suspicious, I’ve got to say
Not cause they’re bad ideas
They don’t look like panaceas
They just wanted me away

I know that it’s not fair
I AM just kidding, you see
I love my friends, I really do
They look after me when im sick
They help me thru thin and thick
I love all zero of you!

Anyways, let’s move along
This story is getting long
Let’s not make it a jig
I found out about Fiverr
I felt like a burning fire
The DESIRE to sell my gigs

And that’s the short story of how I got into Fiverr.

I hope you guys enjoy.

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Take care, my good people!



That’s enlightening.


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Why, thank you! That seems amazing!