Now Bitcoin is gone, how do i purchase without creditcard


I dont have a creditcard, and i dont intend to get one, as it is a hassle to get in my country.

Bitcoin was my way to pay without Creditcard. Right now i verified my bank account with PayPal, but when i choose PayPal to pay a gig, it just shows me the creditcard function of PayPal, not pay from your balance or something.

How do you guys go about this


There’s always a prepaid credit card option, but their acceptance varies from country to country for Fiverr transactions.

I would recommend opening up a ticket with Customer Service for a proper solution.


I know about the prepaid option. But i dont really want to accept that this will be the new way to go. Sometimes a only need 1 gig in 3 months. But ill have to purchase a debit card for about 5 gigs. Cant imagine fiverr wants to make things this hard


How’s about trying out Virtual Credit Cards (VCC)?
You can pay for them using bitcoins. :slight_smile:


VCC’s and debit cards are basically the same. First of all they have fees, secondly they all have a minimal amount of adding funds, and those funds generally must by spent in an X amount of time.

Yes i can purchase more gigs. But thats not really how its supposed to be, imo


It is the utter volatility of BC that causes the reliance on it for a stable and continuing payment form factor vary and most of the time gets removed.


ohh i get it, believe me. BUt id imagine they would fix an alternative before cancelling. Because PayPal is very versatile, and i if i could just put funds in my paypal account, fiverr can just credit it from those funds. But right now, it just requests me to add a creditcard to my PayPal. Which kinda renders it useless next to the direct creditcard payment option.