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Now Buyer also has Star rating..! Thanks Fiverr

Thanks Fiverr Team…!

Now buyer also has rating. It’s help lot. Seller now identify which buyer is good or bad for us.
So easily understand and avoid negative rating

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This does not appear to have been released yet, and, if it has, then you might be part of a test group. Perhaps you can show us a screenshot, so we can marvel at what this new feature looks like? :wink:


Yes show us screenshot I’m also not able to find.

Yeah , We like to see a screenshot

yes please send screenshort

When you Complete the order that you want to rating a buyer after you see your rating which buyer gives you. When buyer contact you that time you see rating at right side panel

That always happens when your buyer also sells on Fiverr. A screenshot of the buyer’s profile (minus their personal information such as their username, of course) would be much more useful than this explanation and would prove that the much expected second stage is being implemented. Perhaps it’s being rolled out slowly like many other changes, but I doubt that’s the case here.

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