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Now Buyers Don't Have to Leave Instructions!


I am starting to notice that some new orders have the following message, “This requirement was left blank.” Apparently buyers can now activate orders without telling the seller what they want, which only creates more headaches for the seller.



If that’s not a glitch that gets fixed immediately, that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for many, many sellers here. Enough sellers that Fiverr may actually notice!


Happened to me, too.


Yea, this happened to me this morning too. I really hope it is a glitch. I sent a message stating I need instructions to complete the gig. I guess we can just send a blank message back to “mark the gig as delivered” then, can’t we?


Reply to @gingerwriter: lol. If we can then I’m all for it.


Reply to @russflex: Me too! hehe


from the pc I can’t see, just “This requirement was left blank.” and from the mobile I can see the message


Is this some issue outside of the seller’s choice (recent change) to make requirements optional?


me too but what is the solution for this problem.


Reply to @ricksper: I didn’t click to make it optional. Besides it says the requirement was left blank. So it acknowledges that it is a requirement, but that it wasn’t filled in. I can only hope this is a glitch and not some new brilliant feature by Fiverr.


Yep, having the same issues on ALL orders today. Very frustrating.


I messaged buyers and they said “that’s funny, I left instructions earlier.” So buyers are leaving instructions, but they aren’t showing up. Meanwhile the clock ticks.


Reply to @fastadking: Yes, I’m starting to notice this too. So I guess it is a glitch after all. That’s good. At least it isn’t a new Fiverr feature.


it is a fiverr bug on the web…if you check the orders on the phone app you can see the order details while fiverr fix this issue and don’t miss orders or time :slight_smile:


Same! Frustrating.


Wow, yes this is incredibly frustrating especially for those of us who actually require instructions to get to work. Ugh, now I’ll have to go through and re-read all gigs on my phone that were submitted during this so-called bug issue. This ‘glitch’ crap is getting old…


If you guys are using the “Mobile Application”, then you should be able to see the requirements submitted by the buyer.


Reply to @d3services: I only use the computer.


I messaged the buyer and sent him a list of questions I needed him to answer. His answers are showing just fine.

As for using the mobile application, I can’t do it. I don’t own a smartphone or a tablet.


I had the same issue this morning, I can see the order on the app but not on the desktop site which is rather annoying as my phone is not very quick or easy to get files off. Hope this is resolved soon - there’s no way to extend order deadlines on here is there?