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Now Buyers Requests Looks like Sellers Requests

Nowadays Seller Send Proposal Using Buy Requests.
Now Hard To Find Real Buy Requests. I am new here I want to know I am only facing this issue or it’s normal.

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Some sellers misuse the system and create buyer requests (BRs) even when they are not looking to hire anyone (in fact, they are looking for work).

They do this in hopes that prospective buyers might check their BRs out. However, what they don’t understand is that their BRs are not visible to prospective buyers. They are only made available to competing sellers (which is of no use to sellers who misuse BRs).

Just because there are sellers misusing the BR feature doesn’t mean that your chances of coming across a legitimate BR are reduced. If a buyer posts a relevant BR (i.e. if they belong to the same sub-category as your gigs), you will be able to see it no matter how many “fake” BRs other sellers have created.

Just ignore the BRs that are not relevant to you and focus on the relevant ones. :slight_smile:

Good luck! :pineapple:


To add to what @hanshuber16 said above, I have seen posts by a few of the sellers who post in Buyers Requests that when they are caught by Fiverr doing this they have gotten warnings on their accounts. :frowning:

I find it is funny, how they always give themselves such big “paychecks.” :wink:


It’s normal. THey aren’t supposed to be there. Fiverr just doesn’t do a good job of removing this spam.


I know, right? I find it hilarious that you risk your reputation and account to spam in BR and all you charge is like $5.

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But in the screen shot the would be sellers were charging $20 and $100! But then again, maybe that is a good price for wordpress. However, I would not hire them as they apparently did not read Fiverr’s TOS, so would they read and follow my directions?


Yeah they don’t think too rationally.