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Now fiverr is down

now a days fiverr market is very down and new sellers just west our time i think all new seller leave fiverr bxz fiverr lost his buyer’s

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Nah, the buyers are perfectly fine. I just got a whole bunch of orders recently.


If you feel that you’re wasting your time, then definitely leave.

Also, how do you know that it’s Fiverr’s issue and not your own? Maybe your gigs are lacking, or you’re just in a competitive niche.


Lol no. I actually am in the mist of a sales boom. One that came at a horrible time since it’s final week. I was getting so many orders I had to go on vacation mode for a week :hushed:

Needless to say the buyers are still here.

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recently one year old i think

how you can get order

stop doing everything @lucycodex pointed out that you currently are.

i can’t recived any order just wating wating and wating

i have 5star ratings but can’t recived any order why

Fiverr puts gigs that copy other gigs at the back where no one sees them.


Those logos seem to be copies. I only told you since you asked.

@misscrystal I saw sales are down from the start of May. Is it normal? I got very few messages and not order from the start of May. April was good but May is passing silently.

Why don’t you take 1st step to leave fiverr first :wink: rather than commenting for new sellers :smile: New sellers are always welcome at fiverr :slight_smile:

It’s only May 4. My April was bad but so far May is good so it’s up and down all the time.

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I observe that gigs which are on the first page of recommended and best selling are getting lot of orders every day so try to spend more time on your gig to share social media sites if you get orders continuously then your gig take position on first page and then you will get lot of orders every day.

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@smartseoz But this is not true. Fiverr search algorithm works differently. May be your 2 months will be good but next 2 months will be bad. Because fiverr gives the opportunity to new sellers also. So this change will take Level 2 and TRS down and brings up the new sellers, thats the issue. So its best to make more source of incomes instead of just fiverr.

@muhammad_osman No i am also not getting lot orders few order in a week but i am also trying to take position on first page when i get orders continuously then i hope my gig take position on best review page and will get lot of orders. you can also check the gigs on best reviews page are on same position and having lot of orders in queue.

Thank you so much for support new seller & fiverr