Now fiverr will notify us to visit forum



So finally forum is a thing now, I wonder will buyer got the same notifications, I wish the CEO or fiverr product team will get the same notifications. :grin:

ONly their notification changed to:

“Check out our great community forum, where you can help frustrated users & share your solution. View Forum


I didn’t get yet. Waiting for notification like this :slight_smile:


This made me laugh.

I got this a good while ago - I also suspect that it is why we got a lot of people talking about chargebacks within a couple of days.


hey, @chrisdata did you know about the community forum? You can learn all kinda stuff about how crazy fiverr is there, and meet other sellers!

I’d highly recommend it, I think you’ll really dig it!

p.s. Just looking through your portfolio, you got mad skills! :bow: