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Now going to be demoted due to mistakenly place order by buyer

Today was great day i have maintain the standards for level 2

then in morning i recieved order from buyer for redesign website but she placed order for another gig without discussing which was of install wordpress and setup demo $20
i said that i can redesign her website but it will cost her more i tld her price then she refused and asked for refund and opens a dispute
i said i’ll accept the dispute in few hours because it is evaluation day and i was at the edge saving my self from being demoted then she contacted customer support and they cancelled order now i am going to be demoted due to mistakenly placed order not fair fiverr not fair
these orders should not hurt our ratings

now i am at 87%

Then deliver that order ASAP, hopefully it will climb back to 90%. It’s hard to tell. Yesterday I was at 87%, I delivered everything and today I was at 88% and got demoted.

Congratulations on a 5.0 rating. That is amazing. I was at 4.7 and it took me a long time to climb to 4.9.

It’s too bad that Fiverr created the standards system. This system is destroying a lot of sellers.

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i cant deliver that order its cancelled by fiverr support getting so frustrated on fiverr this is not fair they said that they treat both buyers and sellers equal thats wrong they focus more on buyers so that buyer can buy again from them

Yes, it’s a terrible situation, a lot of people are affected. I hope Fiverr gives up on the level standards, but I won’t hold my breath.

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