Now I am definately considering quitting this site...and telling everyone else not to deal with it!


And I have good reason! This is the third issue I have run into with a buyer and each time a buyer screws me over, my rating goes down! This time, a buyer sent a request for me to do a job (which was to post their guest post on my blog) and they put the order in and didn’t even put the work with it. I have tries three times, unsuccessfully, to contact the buyer to ask them to submit the work they want posted, and they are non-responsive with the clock ticking. If I don’t turn something in by tomorrow, my rating is going to plummit again and I didn’t even do anything wrong! Sick and tried of this. Better screening of applicants to this site is needed. Otherwise where do you find these dishonest people who come on the site to seemingly just mess up people’s ratings. Pissed beyond belief…a waste of time and energy on my part. Too bad, because I like the idea of the site and its a great way to expose my work if there werent so many bad people just trying to screw people over!


and this should not be consdiered a late delivery on my part because I was unable to do the work because THEY didn’t give me anything to work with. Of course I cant turn it in!! THis is not rocket science. I need an article to post and they didn’t provide me with one.


Your rating will only go down if the customer cancels due to late delivery. If they cancel for late delivery without submitting the information then you can get the negative feedback removed anyway.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but I have had thousands of orders. I have had about 2 people that tried to screw me over and get free stuff. Maybe the issue was with what you were offering / not doing as opposed to customers deliberately trying to mess up your gig?


Ryangillam, my write up for the job is as clear as day. “I’ll post your guest post on my travel blog”. Pretty simple. If the buyer does not like what I am offering, why would they sign up for me to do the job. And why on earth would the make a request to buy my service without even submitting the work they want posted. How on earth can I do the job when they didn’t give me anything to work with! I have only been on this site for about a month and I worked with 4 buyers…one was EXCELLENT and the other three screwed me over and brought my rating down with BS that had nothing to do with my performance!


It won’t get labelled as a late delivery so don’t worry about it. If it is then it will be removed.

What did the other customers do to bring your rating down? I mean, what was their reasoning behind the feedback? Since the gig that had these applied has gone I can’t see what they done and what they had issues with.



Hi and welcome.

You say your “write up for the job is clear as day”. Hmmm… I find your gig description cloudy.

Your title says “I will publish your guest post on my Travel Blog for $5”, yet nowhere in your gig description does it specifically tell buyers what THEY have to do. Your gig description goes on and on as to what the guest post can be about, but nowhere does it explain to a buyer what YOU do and what THEY have to do.

How many words? How many photos? How many readers?

Instead of getting “Pissed beyond belief.” Why not use your writing skills to create an attention getting description with compelling copy to motivate Buyers?


Its OBVIOUS. How can I POST a GUESTPOST without the buyer providing me with a guest post to post…its a no-brainer…the buyer should know that I can’t deliver their order if they dont provide me with a post to post to the blog…I am not rewriting my gig…its clear as clear can be…there is nothing unclear about it. You are picking up for someone who is not holding up their end of the deal which was to provide me with a post to post to my blog…they are not even answering my messages to them asking them to submit a post. I can’t understand how you can think that is right on their part? They are avoiding me!


oh and the way, the other two things that buyers did were:

  1. buyer requested an order but an emergency came up here that I HAD to tend to so I politely told them, I would need a few extra days…they fully agreed and were only happy to do so but…than they refused to accept cancellation of the order and gave me a bad rating after already agreeing it was ok.

  2. My blog ran into some technical difficulties and a guest post (and all of my own personal posts) disappeared and HTML wasn’t working. I didn’t know this was happening at first and instead of asking me what was going on, the buyer sent a bad rating stating I removed their post!!! When I didn’t remove it. All they had to do was ask and they would have found out what was going on!

    And now this third issue…

    but I did have ONE buyer who was excellent in every way and I really enjoyed working with…but one out of four are not good odds!


In neither case did somebody set out to deliberately screw you over there :s in each case there were issues that were on your side. I really do not get how you can blame the customer in either of those situations, in particular the second situation.


whatever…The first instant, THE PERSON AGREED TO POSTPONE THE ORDER AND THAN WENT BEHIND MY BACK AND DID THE OPPOSITE…not my fault. I can’t control emergencies or stop them from happening. That is life. They agreed.

The second issue may have been something on my part but the BUYER MADE NO ATTEMPT TO ASK QUESTIONS OR SPEAK TO ME FIRST and if he had of, he would have learned the truth which was the issue was BEYOND MY CONTROL. I did not remove his post like he accused me of doing. I fixed the issues with my blog and his post would have went right back up there and tweeted to my 4000 followers on twitter but he chose to be a *sshole about it so I deleted it completely! Why should I put his post back on my blog when he gave me a low rating without even finding out what was going on!


It doesn’t matter if they agree. They can still go back on what they say if the time limit expires. They may have had deadlines in place, things might have taken a little too long and thus they decided they did not want to wait any longer.

If a post of mine disappeared off a website I would not get in touch with somebody. I would assume that it would have been automatically deleted. It was not his duty to find out what was going wrong. As the seller it is your duty to tell him if something went wrong. He was not an asshole about it. It just appears that you have issues with customer service :confused: Have you put his post back up on your website despite the negative feedback? If you have not, and he has not got a refund then you have effectively stolen his money.


Well that an issue with their personality is they want to be dishonest and sketchy…they didnt explain any of that to me. I could have turned in the work (which was to write a small article about a destination) but due to circumstances beyond my control I felt it better on their part that I work on it after the emergency passed so I could turn in my best work…THEY AGREED…and with the post being deleted on the other order…well you must know what they say about ASSUMING THINGS…had they not jumped the gun and ASSUMED, they would have seem that that was beyond my control. I even messaged them to explain that BEFORE they gave the bad rating and instead of being an adult and discussing it, they went on to give a bad rating. If they had of just listened and had an adult discussion, they would have seen that their post was there and was being tweeted to NUMEROUS followers but instead they took the hard route and really, lost out for themselves as well. I did not put his post back because I waited for a response and he did not communicate…not my problem. LIke I said, if he had of acted like an adult about it, the post would have automatically gone back on the site when the problems were resolved but he made the choice not to do that…and anyway, this thread is mostly about my most recent experience - I recieve a request for an order BUT NO WORK HAS BEEN SUBMITTED FOR ME TO PUT ON MY BLOG. how on earth can I complete the order if there is nothing to post. Its ridiculous! No response yet from the buyer. And to mention, to be honest, the work I have received from other orders were posts with errors, bad grammar and very poor writing. If these people are proud of their work and are paying money to have it posted on a blog that has thousands of followers, why are they turning in such poorly written work.


It does not matter that the information has yet to be submitted. It won’t be negative upon you at all.


I will have to see that to beleive it because the last order that the buyer agreed first to be cancelled was than denied and my rating went down the tubes. I hope you are right because if your not, I’m quitting this site for good. The buyer has STILL not responded but yet wants me to turn in work that does not even exist…go figure


All I can say is, ange®mac, your leaving couldn’t be too soon.

Fiverr is a great place, it will remain a great place without you.

Your response to VOW was totally uncool and for it I have nothing more for you than to wipe the dust off my shoes.

angemac23 said:
I will have to see that to beleive it because the last order that the buyer agreed first to be cancelled was than denied and my rating went down the tubes. I hope you are right because if your not, I'm quitting this site for good. The buyer has STILL not responded but yet wants me to turn in work that does not even exist....go figure

That's slightly different in the eyes of customer support. When a customer agrees to not cancel and then cancels when it goes late it is in the opinion of CS that the customer has given up and now wants to cancel. If they cancel without actually telling you what they want then you don't get the neg.

voiceoverwork said: Your gig description goes on and on as to what the guest post can be about, but nowhere does it explain to a buyer what YOU do and what THEY have to do.

I second this comment. It's important to make gig descriptions as clear as possible. Spell everything out for any possible type of buyer who could come along. Some buyers could assume that you write the post for them, or that you get someone to do it. Nowhere in the gig description does it say anything on the contrary to that.

This isn't a case of having a go at you. We are simply trying to help you improve your gig description to help you improve your chances on the site.

angemac23 said: Its OBVIOUS.

You what they say about people who assume... Lol.

ryangillam said: I'm quitting this site for good.

Honestly, you say you're quitting then why the cuss filled all caps filled rants on the forum? You could have just quit and never said a word to anyone. Why all the drama?

Not only that, but you're arguing with other users when they're is just trying to help you out. You're just making your self look unprofessional to the entire Fiverr community, which will effect you negatively if you do decide to stay.

Step away from Fiverr for a while, and when you've cooled down we'll be here! :)


Wait what :o why was I quoted as saying I am quitting the site for good then told I am cussing out other people sad faces

thepromogirl said: ryangillam said: I'm quitting this site for good.

I believe @angemac23 said that, not @ryangillam !!