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Now I am level one


Now I am level one, Pray for me, and suggest me, how to maintain my this level Screenshot_10


Fiverr clearly lists the metrics you need in order to maintain your level on your Analytics page. As a suggestion, I encourage you to monitor those metrics, and do what is necessary to maintain them. Maintaining your level is your responsibility, and won’t be provided to you via prayer, or by anyone else.

As long as you are a great seller, who maintains those metrics, and delivers top-quality work, you have a strong chance of being promoted to Level 2 next month. :slight_smile:


Can you tell me about the metrics ?


Luck and prayers have nothing to do with your level. Look at and study your analytics page until you understand it completely.


@misscrystal is correct. The metrics are listed on your Analytics page. Surely you are aware of your prominently-linked Analytics page? Every serious seller knows about this.


I don;t know about it, please tell me aboy this or send me any link article about this, please


If you are a seller, then yes, you should already know about this. It’s not hard to find. Go to your seller Dashboard. Right there, in the same top navigation is a link to “Analytics”. It’s the fifth link in that top navigation bar. Click that, and view your analytics.



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