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Now I can pay my study expenses

I Got Level 2 in Eight Months

Hello Everyone, I’m a Level 2 seller now. I just wanna share my whole Fiverr journey. Two years ago I left college because my parents were unable to pay my study expenses. I was working 11 to 11 as a salesman on a clothing brand, But my dreams were big at that time I was totally unknown about freelancing. A friend told me about freelancing and gave me a digital marketing course. I started learning digital marketing and after that course, I started freelancing on Fiverr.

Now I’m earning a handsome amount of money and supporting my family. I have started studying again and doing BSCS now. Thanks to the Fiverr team and Fiverr community for helping me in a hard time.



loved your heartfelt story !

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It;s help to go ahead to me because I am start same to you .

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Keep working hard and play fair

Thanks for appreciation